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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

EDS Logo.png

To "empower" Deaf people so that they have the power to change their lives for the better.

Our Aims

Our main aim is to empower the Deaf Sign Language community by providing access to information, advice advocacy and education, promoting independence and helping deaf people to fulfil their potential.

• To advance education within the Deaf Sign Language community

• To relieve unemployment by providing advice, advocacy and education for the Deaf Sign Language                   community.

• To relieve need among Deaf people by helping them to access mainstream and public services, and thus
   helping them participate optimally in society.

• To promote equality of treatment and opportunity and diversity between the Deaf and hearing populous.

• To advance education and training for deaf teachers, teachers working with deaf people and colleagues of
   deaf people, with the objective of improving standards of teaching on behalf of the deaf community.

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