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About Empowering Deaf Society


EDS is a registered Deaf led charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for deaf people by ensuring that all Deaf people have equal access and equality of opportunity without discrimination. It was set up in 2009 by members of the Deaf community on behalf of others within the deaf community.


Through our strong and diverse team of Deaf and communication support professionals we deliver services aimed at providing support through information and advice, signposting, workshops and events as well as Signature Accredited BSL Courses across Greater London. 

We also work with local community services and businesses to raise awareness about the Deaf community, focusing on social integration and improving communication and understanding between the two cultures of the deaf and hearing communities.

Importantly the charity continues to work with the deaf community to maintain and protect its language and culture. Through campaigns and working closely with many professional bodies in several sectors and training many of their staff in deaf awareness and BSL skill.

EDS is also striving to ensure that BSL is adopted into the National Curriculum and teaches BSL in school through afterschool clubs across the London area.

Equipped with the right funding and support, EDS is going from strength to strength. Through our many successful projects we believe that the lives of many deaf people will improve, resulting in better access to education and services whilst also building better bridges between the deaf and hearing communities through inclusion and awareness.

Working Partnerships


Since we began, we have worked with various organisations successfully and are very grateful for the opportunities we have had and are thankful for all we have achieved so far!

At EDS we continue to look for dynamic partnerships to support the work we do and help us to building on our continued success.

We believe that by working in partnership with others we can better work with the local community, service providers and businesses to raise awareness about Deaf Culture and community, focusing on social integration, communication and understanding whilst also building better bridges between the deaf and hearing communities.

All partnerships are based on collaboration, as we believe by being mutually beneficial, we can deliver change for those who need it most.

If you are an organisation interested in working with us, please contact us at

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