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BSL 101

BSL 101 without date.png
BSL 101 - Introduction to British Sign Language

Want to learn some British Sign Language but unsure of committing to full level 1 course?

This is a course will provide a short introduction to British Sign Language designed for those wishing to have a taster of learning this beautiful language with no previous sign language experience necessary.

Subjects you will learn include meeting people, using numbers, weather, transport, directions and fingerspelling 

As this course is also the first part of the full BSL level 1 course , if you decide you wish to learn more, you can by joining on to our current BSL level 1 course upon further payment. 

If you wish to take an exam at the end of the course, an additional £50.00 will be required.

Don’t need to decide now about the exam and can be discussed with your tutor during the course. You do not have to take the exam to undertake this course.

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