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Advocacy Services

Our advice and advocacy services are a strong part of our overall services. Here at EDS we understand first-the communication barriers Deaf people face when trying to get the support they need.  EDS aims to help deaf people with their problems, by providing the support and advice they need, in British Sign Language. The need for this service within the deaf  community is a necessity to enable this community to thrive, prosper and be heard.

If you are struggling to access and receive services from organisations , EDS is here to help.

We offer help by providing the opportunity to have a face to face conversation with a Deaf BSL support worker

either by using text messaging, email, video call or visiting us in person by booking an appointment with us.

If the matter is within our expertise, we will offer advice and support direct


If we cannot advise you directly we may signpost you to another organisation that can help.


We have supported many deaf people under our Information, Advice and Guidance, and Advocacy services. We have had strong demand for help with PIP applications but We have supported with many issues including benefits, housing, utilities etc to name but a few.

If you need this service please text 07584 687 127 or email us at

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