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Who We Are

Empowering Deaf Society was formed on 7th September 2008 and
registered as a charity on 2nd October 2009. The charity was established to
support the Deaf community and has a constitution which sets out the
objectives and powers of the charity and its manner of governance. We are a charity that provides education and services to Deaf people in British Sign
Language. In addition, we offer support services which include Advice,
Advocacy and Employment amongst other things. EDS aims to expand on
these provisions by offering an ‘added value’ service that can provide more
than mere everyday solutions.
Equipped with the right funding and support, EDS is going from strength to strength. We are working on encouraging inclusion, education and raising awareness in society.
Since being set up in 2009, we have delivered many successful projects in London for both the hearing and deaf community.
These projects have successfully encouraged people to work together increasingly and facilitate understanding of each other in a better manner, in areas including education, health and welfare.
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